We’re Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary with Monthly Events

The On It Foundation was founded in 1999, so 2019 is our 20th anniversary! We’re celebrating all year, starting with events surrounding Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta in 2019 and concluding with activities around Super Bowl LIV in our hometown of Miami in 2020.

We’ll be hosting STEM events every month across the country, including free career fairs benefiting underserved young adults. Workshops will include apprenticeship programs, career development symposiums, and employee benefits with child care and discounted transportation to jobs.

In addition, a new “Get On It!” fundraising campaign will run all year, with the goal of raising additional funds to allow us to do more. We’re even developing an On It mobile app, which will streamline the process of connecting computer donors with qualified recipients in their local area. Help us by donating now!

Please join us at one of these upcoming events:


Events coming soon!