Using Technology to Unlock Limitless Opportunities

Placing a computer in the hands of a child gives access to a world outside their daily lives. It opens them up to new experiences and enriches not just their minds, but their hearts. That is precisely the type of magical wonder we promise to create for kids across the country, no matter their economic status.

You see, this promise is personal for our founder, Calvetta Phair because there was a time when she was unable to afford a computer for her daughter who was struggling in computer class. It was a devastating time in her life, but she turned her struggles into successes for other families by founding The On It Foundation.

Calvetta launched the 501(c)(3) organization because she didn’t want another parent to experience the helplessness she felt as she called around from organization to organization asking if they could donate a computer to a kid in need. They said “no,” but The On It Foundation says YES!

Since November 1999, we have been donating free computers, computer training and internet access to U.S. low-income families with students in grades K-12 who receive a free or reduced lunch. We also deliver free instruction to youth in grades K-12 on the latest advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (S.T.E.M.).

We carry out our promise by collaborating with computer access centers, schools and businesses nationwide to give disadvantaged youth the gift of technological advancement and achievement.

We also gain support and donations from corporate sponsors, parents, teachers and everyday people who want to see today’s youth flourish and succeed.

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What Makes Technology So Special?

Cold-Hard Truth: Students without computers will be unable to compete academically with students who have access to technology at home.

You see, the pace of technological change in today’s economy has never been higher. The technology-driven marketplace of the 21st century will add more than 20 million jobs to the U.S. economy by 2020 – and we’re here to give our youth the tools and resources to qualify for careers in technology.

To date, the On It Foundation has donated over 2,000 free computers to low-income families with school-age children in grades K-12. We have also provided over 7,500 volunteer hours of computer training to students who have received our computers.

Now, while we’re certainly “On It” when it comes to unlocking “opportunities necessary to increase technology,” we can’t carry out this promise alone.

We need you to get involved – our youth are counting on us.

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